Helping people living with disabilities and their families

Our primary goal is to support adults and children with disabilities, but delve a little deeper and you’ll see we’re doing things a little differently.


In Australia, nearly 20% of the populace has a disability (approximately 3.96 million people). This number is steadily increasing as the population ages. 19.8% of all males and 20.1% of all females are reported to live with additional needs.

Our Heroes

Everyone needs a hero! These are ours and they inspire us daily.

How can you help

Without our supporters we simply could not do what we do. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of people living with disability. If you’d like to donate or join us in our annual City2Surf fundraising effort, click on the link below for further information.

Apply for Funding

We help to fund equipment that makes daily life for people with disabilities a little bit easier. The types of equipment that we help fund include, but are not limited to; walking frames, bath chairs, specialist car seats or belts and high chairs. We know how much of a difference these simple, yet expensive pieces of equipment can make.

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